Granite City Dental Lab is a full service dental lab with services including laser welding, titanium welding, custom shading, porcelain crowns, gold crowns, tooth caps and many other forms of cosmetic dentistry. Granite City Dental Lab products include over denture bars, titanium hader bar, titanium dolder bar, ball attachments and more. Granite City Dental Lab offers 3m ESPE Lava, IPS Empress, IPS Empress II, IPS D.Sign, Nobel Biocare Procera and more. ibar, reconstruction, sleeping giant
implant, restorative denture crown, bridge, implants, porcelain dental laboratory
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TGT (Tissue Guided
   Implant Appliance

Custom Lab

Case Design &

Use Cement Kit

Use Implant

Laser Weld/Repair
   Partial Clasp

   Rebuild Implant
     Overdenture Bar

   With Implants


Credit Card

Staff Training/

Dental Office
   Presentation on
   Procedures and

laboratory, expert technician, leading edge technology

Granite City Dental Lab has several certified dental technicians who specialize in esthetic, or cosmetic, dentistry. Granite City Dental Lab is a member of the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantoligists), the MDA (Minnesota Dental Association) and the MDLA (Minnesota Dental Lab Association.) At Granite City Dental Lab, we offer service that will make you smile.

At Granite City Dental Lab our service goes far beyond delivering your product on time. We have built a team, which in essence, becomes an extension of your practice. Our experts consult with you on the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry and help you choose the best options for your patients.

Partial Repairs & Reconstruction

cast i-bar is designed i-bar is cast and laser welded
new clasp is finished completed laser repair. Granite City Dental Lab offers partial and titanium dental laser welding

Solid high quality laser welds are extremely stable.

high quality laser weld including titanium and partial

No waxing, no casting; clean, neat and versatile!

Laser Assembled Implant Bar Frame

Which procedure best descrbes your implant bars? This?

no waxing or casting
implant bar procedure

Attachment configuration is determined by treatment plan and is laser welded to place.

attachment configuration, precision attachments state of the art laboratory, precision attachments

A variety of retention options are available and reversible without risk of a remakeA variety of retention options are available and reversible without risk of a remake.

rounded corner, trained technician, precision attachments

Dental laser welding, titanium laser welding, partial laser welding, partial repair, partial tune-up, over denture bar
Ball attachments, mouth implant, Congress of Oral Implantoligists

Or this?

Dental implant, implant over denture, dental labratory, bone graft Precision attachments, mouth implant, Minnesota Dental Lab Association - MDLA
Cosmetic dentistry from a certified dental technician, articulator, implants

A Sleeping Giant

In the past 15 years, how many implant support bars have been produced? How many of these bar assemblies are worn out and do not function?

Worn Bredent Attachments

Worn Bredent Attachments

Worn attachments rebuilt with parent metal laser wire

Worn attachments rebuilt with parent metal laser wire. Precision attachments from a leading dental laser welding labratory

We also train your staff to ensure accurate prescriptions and increase efficiency. We prioritize order taking, product assignment and vendor relations. Then we follow up our product deliveries to make sure of your complete satisfaction. By building customer partnerships we experience our greatest success, and so do the Dentists we serve. Maximum productivity on our end and optimum efficiency on yours. Call Granite City Dental Labs today.

“The people at Granite City Dental Lab have a sincere desire to work with the restoring dentist "to get it right" both functionally and aesthetically.” – Dr. Linda Lewis - Crosslake, MN


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